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You don't need a miracle...

you need effective & functional products. 

 the SandBar Foot File Method

  •  Intelligent Effort
  • Functional & Effective  Products
  • Consistent Attention

They haul your ass around all day…  

they just need some luvin’ in return. 


Your heels didn't get that way overnight, it's going to take a few minutes daily to smooth them out. Consistent attention is the key.

* Filing too much at once will cause your heels to be tender. 


Day 1:

File one minute per heel. 

Day 2:

File less than one minute per heel.

Day 3:

File less than one minute per heel.

Your gnarly heels are trying to protect you. Understand them. 
The skin on our heels is naturally thicker to protect the underlying sensitive tissues from constant stress and pressure. They callus and produce keratin to strengthen your heels and provide structural support for your daily grind. The excessive thick dry skin on your heels is overgrowth of keratin because we tend to neglect our feet. 

SandBar Foot File System

SandBar Salve 

9 Natural nourishing ingredients. Heals, hydrates, prevents infection, cracking and splitting and smells amazing. Provides immediate relief.

Black Silicone Scrubber

Hundreds of little fingers massage SandBar Salve deep into your heels and in the cracks where you need it and off your hands. 

Gray Silicone Scrubber

To clean and maintain your foot file. You can use it dry or with soap and water. 

Effective & Efficient Grit

Angular sand particles designed specifically for calloused skin. Smoothes and conditions heels as it files instead of completely removing  the natural  protective barrier. Can be used dry or wet.

Reusable Case 

Keeps your foot file clean and makes it convenient to pack and take with you anywhere.

User Friendly

Designed to grip for leverage to you can file your hooves from any angle. It just feels right in your hand.

Say hello to beautiful healthy feet.

Designed to effectively & efficiently smooth and strengthen calloused heels

Three simple steps to smooth healthy heels.


FILE  each heel one minute or less, you don't want to file off too much at once. We want to keep that healthy protective layer.


APPLY SANDBAR SALVE directly from the tube to the filed ares - no mess on your hands.


MASSAGE SALVE INTO your heels. Really work it in all the cracks where you need it most. The deeper the penetration the better it feels;)

Understand why our heels get so gnarly.


We thought of everything your HEELS need.

We are devoted to enhancing the function of calloused skin through our premium products that contain only the best ingredients to nourish and protect it. We believe in embracing the strength of calloused skin and the protective purpose it serves, and we want to inspire others to do the same.