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About Us

We believe wholeheartedly in celebrating our amazing bodies, particularly our badass protective skin—truly a marvel of nature. We've learned that our skin responds to what we put it through. Instead of battling and bitching about it, or literally picking it apart, we believe in empowering it.

We're all about embracing calloused skin and giving it the love and recognition it truly deserves. It's time to educate ourselves about this remarkable part of us, understanding its role and needs, so we can make it work for us, not against us.

Our goal at SandBar is not to eliminate calloused skin, but to enhance it in the most effective, efficient way possible. We've tested and crafted products that provide your calloused skin with the recovery and care it deserves after enduring your daily grind to stay consistently functional and supportive. This is what your calloused flesh fantasizes about.