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After One Use

Our Three Callus Files

8" Original SandBar

4" SandBar Quickie

8" Sandbar Foot File

Maintaining A Healthy
Callus Cycle...
involves gently reducing the thickness of your calluses without compromising their structural integrity. By ​doing so, you preserve the protective properties of the callus layer, which is crucial for shielding the ​underlying tissues from friction and pressure. This approach promotes optimal blood flow to the tissues ​beneath your calluses, facilitating the delivery of essential nutrients and oxygen necessary for healing and ​regeneration. With improved circulation, the tissues are better equipped to repair damage, leading to faster ​recovery and reduced discomfort.

The Tools

That keep your calloused skin working for you

of Your Hands

8" SandBar Callus Kit

Designed to match your grip and file your calluses on your palm simultaneously. Eliminates excess buildup from repetitive gripping and maintains your calluses at a smooth, healthy, functional level.

Like a toothbrush - But for calluses.

8" SandBar Callus Kit

and Hands

4" SandBar Quickie Callus Kit

Created to file calluses on your fingers. The cylindrical design contours your callus, mimicking how your fingers naturally mold around what you grip. Perfect for filing individual callus-filing.

4" Sandbar Quickie

and Feet

Heel Revival Regimen

Heel Regimen Kit goes beyond just a ​callus file and salve – it includes a foot ​scrubber mat and our SOLE soap to give ​your feet the reinforcement they need to ​stay healthy and strong.

For the athletic and the aged. Complete with everything you need for silky-smooth calloused feed that function and feel as good as they look.

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Heel Revival Regimen

Heel Regimen Kit goes beyond just a ​callus file and salve – it includes a foot ​scrubber mat and our SOLE soap to give ​your feet the reinforcement they need to ​stay healthy and strong.

Calluses Are So Dry

The palms of your hands and the soles of our feet don't have oil glands. Without the ​natural lubrication provided by oil glands, these areas are more prone to dryness and ​cracking, intensifying the problem.

The Answer To Your Dry Callused Skin

QUALITY ORGANIC INGREDIENTS play a crucial role in ​maintaining callus hydration and barrier function. ​Hydrated calloused skin is more resistant to mechanical ​stress and less prone to damage, contributing to overall ​health and resilience of your hands and feet.


Callus formation begins as your skin responds to repeated friction and pressure. The outer layer of your epidermis thickens by producing keratin - a tough protein that strengthens and provides structure. However, as your calloused skin builds too thick, it puts pressure on the layers of tissue underneath (the stratum basale and spinosum) that regenerate and repair cells. These layers rely on adequate blood circulation for proper repair and maintenance. Without sufficient blood flow, they lack nutrition and oxygen, causing tissue damage and compromised skin structure. As your calloused skin continues to thicken, the outer layers become dry and less resistant to tearing or infection. Your calloused skin cells are already dead, meaning they rely on the underlying tissue for repair and maintenance. Reduced blood circulation exacerbates this issue, leading to dryness and dehydration, which further compromises the flexibility and resilience of the skin. Dry skin is already prone to cracking or ripping under pressure, especially on your hands and feet.

The day that inspired SandBar


On your hands, this manifests as dry, brittle, sharp flaky calluses that are less effective at protecting your hands from friction and pressure. When the thick calluses on your hands are under strain or subjected to momentum, they are likely to rip. When your calloused heels build too thick, they crack and split open.

Bad News

You can't permanently get rid of your calluses on your hands or your gnarly calloused heels unless you quit the repeated friction that's creating them. You have to maintain it.

Good News

With just a few seconds of attention daily, our efficient callus files and salves ensure that your calloused hands and feet stay in top condition, preventing problemsand keeping your calluses working for you - not against you.

Unlock Hidden Pleasure

The NOT-SO-Surprising Link Between Smooth Calloused Skin & Intimacy

Smooth, well-maintained calluses can enhance the tactile experience during intimate moments. By keeping calluses filed down, you ensure that your skin remains smooth, allowing for more pleasurable touch and increased sensitivity. Whether it's holding hands, caressing, or other intimate gestures, having well-groomed hands and feet can make these moments more enjoyable and intimate ​for both you and your partner. So, in addition to promoting overall comfort and functionality, keeping your calluses in check can also play a role in enhancing intimacy in your relationships.

Why You Should Not Use
A Callus Remover Or Callus Shaver

Your calloused skin has undergone a process called hyperkeratosis, where repeated friction and stress prompted the production of keratin, a tough protein that structurally strengthens your skin. This thickening of your epidermis forms the basis of your callus, providing you with a protective barrier. However, the layers of tissue under your tough calloused skin are not inherently structured to withstand the same level of stress. Completely removing your calloused skin exposes this hypersensitive tissue, increasing the risk of damage until it undergoes hyperkeratosis and becomes calloused again to be structurally capable of providing adequate protection. Instead, the focus should be on optimizing your calloused skin by filing and preventing it from ever building excessively thick, preserving its integrity & protective properties.