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The SandBar was designed to last a long time. Yours will probably last a year. One of our first customers from 2016 is still using theirs.

We like calluses too! That’s why we made the SandBar: to smooth and strengthen without destroying. Eliminate crusting, tearing, and splitting by using SandBar to file away dead excess skin while keeping the healthy callus underneath.

Yes, but we do have a file specifically for feet. SandBar is amazing for feet. By regularly removing dead skin build up on your heels and applying salve, you’ll keep the skin on your feet strong and smooth and those cracks will be a thing of the past.

Abso-flippin-lutely. SandBar is made of aluminum, which doesn’t rust.

No catch. If you’re using SandBar correctly, we guarantee you’ll experience less severe rips and fewer occurrences of blisters and callus related injuries.

Honestly: we don’t know. It hasn’t happened yet (and we’ve been at it for years). We don’t foresee the abrasive wearing out from use on skin. It might eventually get worn out, but as long as you don’t use it for woodworking projects it should last you a really long time. When that day does come, it is time to order another.

After a few uses, the abrasive surface will collect dead skin and can feel dull. Easy fix: wash it. Use the silicone scrubber that came with it. You can use it dry or with soap and water. Remember, SandBar is waterproof.

Every single day. Everytime you put friction and/or pressure on your skin, calluses build up. Your hands and feet have a high rate of skin cell turnover. The top layers dry out and build up faster than the rest of the body’s skin. Every rep, every step, every time you work hard with your hands and feet, you are creating build up. Manage your calluses by checking on them and filing them on a daily basis. Think of your SandBar as an industrial toothbrush for your calluses.

Right after using your SandBar. Moisturizing dead callused skin doesn’t do anything for you. First, file off the dead skin. Then apply the Salve to nourish the healthy callus, keeping it pliable and ready to work.

SandBar Salve has calendula, moringa and tea tree oils, all of which have healing, anti-fungal anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

We’ve spent years testing this product. Which is why we’re confident you’ll love your SandBar and that it will change how your hands and feet feel. If yours is defective, mail it back to us for a full refund.