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Everything your calloused skin needs, and nothing it doesn't.

it should be nourished the same way

Vitamin E and Teatree Oil Image

Tea Tree & Vitamin E

Double whammy of healing and protection. With tea tree's proven anti-bacterial power and Vitamin E's knack for cell regeneration, you've got a frontline defense against dry, gnarly skin.

Moringa & Arrowroot

They nourish like nobody's business. Moringa, the antioxidant powerhouse, gives free radicals the boot, while arrowroot keeps your skin feeling softer than a kitten's sneeze by absorbing excess oil.

Moringa and Arrowroot image
Calendula and Lavender Image

Calendula & Lavender

These botanical beauties soothe and heal like a dream. With Calendula's inflammation-taming powers and lavender's calming aura, your feet are in for a gentle retreat.

Shea Butter & Beeswax

The ultimate hydration duo. Shea butter takes a deep dive into your skin, locking in moisture, while beeswax forms a shield, preventing hydration heists.

Shea Butter Image

This is about more than avoiding snagged stockings or making sure your loved ones don't need a tetanus shot after a night in your arms.

This is about treating your body's natural defense system with the respect it deserves. Show your calloused skin some love, and it'll love you back.

SandBar Salve is here to make sure that love story happens.

Apply directly where you need it.

No waste. No mess. No BS.

We suggest...

Got a wound? Slap some Salve on it ASAP. No sting, just pure infection-fighting power.

Smear it on before bed and let it work its magic all night long.

Planning on filing? Do it before the Salve. It'll sink right into that freshly-filed skin.

Use it daily. Consistently. Because your skin deserve a daily dose of luxury.

Classy calluses. Heavenly heels. All in one tube.

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