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Because Your Grip
Is Everything

Tested and Trusted By Hardcore Athletes Since 2016

Calloused Hands

8" SandBar Callus Kit

90-Second Callus Care Routine

Cylindrical design mimics your grip

Contouring & strengthening your calluses as you file

Files Your Calluses All At Once

The SandBar Callus file matches your grip - targeting the areas where your calluses form the thickest, removing excess buildup and smoothing out your calluses.

Strengthens your calluses and improves your grip
so you're ready for whatever comes next

8" SandBar Callus Kit

  • Aluminum Construction
  • Skin-Specific Smoothing Grit
  • Protective Case
  • Callus Salve

Perfect Every Time

The consistent balance of strength and functionality

The Recovery Your Callus Crave

Keeping your calluses adequately hydrated bolsters their ability to withstand your intense workouts, reducing the risk of damage and tears. This not only maximizes your calluses' effectiveness but also reinforces their protective barrier, vital for pushing your limits during rigorous training sessions.

SandBar Callus Salve

  • Accelerates Healing
  • Soothes - Never Stings
  • No Greasy Residue
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • No Skin Softeners

Applies Directly

No waste. No mess. No BS.

100% Organic Ingredients

SandBar Salve is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients to nourish and protect calloused skin. Tea tree oil and lavender oil soothe inflammation and prevent infection, while SHEA BUTTER and BEESWAX create a protective barrier against further damage. VITAMIN E promotes healthy skin cell growth and regeneration, speeding up the healing process for cracks and tears. ARROWROOT extract absorbs excess moisture, leaving the skin feeling smooth without any greasy residue. With MORINGA and CALENDULA oil providing antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, our salve strengthens calloused skin, providing instant relief and accelerated healing for athletes engaged in rigorous training regimens.


Optimizing your calluses

8" SandBar Callus Kit

Pick Your Flavor

Envision your partner yearning for the sensation...
of your strong, smooth, calloused hands caressing them...
and their parts.

Calloused& truly a delight

What Happens When Your Calluses
Get Too Thick

When your calluses get overly thick, it obstructs the blood circulation to the underlying tissues (the stratum basale and spinosum) which are responsible for the regeneration and repair of cells. Insufficient blood supply deprives these layers of vital nutrients and oxygen necessary for regeneration, resulting in tissue damage and compromised skin structure. The outer layers of your calluses get even drier and more prone to tearing or infection.

Why Calluses Are So Dry

Ever wonder why calluses feel so dry and tough? It's because they're mostly made up of dead skin cells, which can get super dry if not taken care of. The palms of your hands and the soles of your feet don't have oil glands, so they rely on external moisture to stay hydrated. Without this natural lubrication, these areas are more prone to dryness and cracking, intensifying the problem.

To maintain healthy and functional calluses, it's essential to moisturize them regularly. Using quality organic ingredients in our SALVE can help preserve and optimize your calluses, keeping them strong and flexible. When calluses are well-hydrated, they become more pliable, reducing the risk of them becoming so hard that they split or tear.

The Best Way To Get Rid of Your Calluses


Eliminating YOUR calluses completely strips away your body's built-in defense mechanism, exposing the delicate tissue underneath that lacks the structure (keratin) to protect you from the hell you put it through. This is why your hands are so sensitive after shaving your calluses off, or after you rip your calluses. Your hands for a reason, and it will keep doing so to protect you, so take a few seconds to managed and care for your calluses. Show your calluses some love and they'll love you back.