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Nourish, Heal &  Protect

Skin calluses naturally. We believe it should be nourished the same way.

Instant relief

Never stings

Soothes inflammation

Prevents Infection

Smells Fabulous

9 premium ingredients. That's it. 

Everything Your Calloused skin needs - nothing it doesn't.

We suggest...

* apply to wounds immediately, doesn’t sting and prevents infection

* apply right before bed so it can absorb all night

* file calloused/dry area first so it can penetrate deeper into your skin

* use it daily & consistently for full benefits

* accelerates healing on all skin wounds

SandBar Salve
SandBar Salve
SandBar Salve

SandBar Salve is a miracle in a tube.

No waste & No mess.

Apply it directly where you need it. 

You will see & feel a difference immediately. 

 • Accelerates healing • Provides instant relief • Never stings • Smells fabulous • Prevents infection • Helps with inflammation