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Your Calloused
Gnarly Heels

Daily indulgence to fix your gnarly, painful, dry cracked heels for good!



Our Heel Revival Regimen is here to make sure that love story happens.


Fetish-Worthy Feet Made Easy

Tested by real women - Not by Labcoats

Not just for a brief test - But routinely in their daily lives

Because your feet never clock out

Instant Results

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Results After One Use

“I’ve had painful cracked heels for YEARS - this is unbelievable! I am obsessed with my feet, I didn’t even know it ​was possible for my feet to feel and look this good. I actually want people to see my feet now!”


Nine Days After Using the Heel Regimen Kit Daily

Consistently scrubbing, filing, moisturizing
unveils a side of your feet you've never known


Love your feet again

Elevating the mundane into a luxurious ritual.

1 Wash
& Scrub

Shower Foot Scrubber Mat

Thoroughly scrubs every crevice without even bending over. Silicone bristles massage and exfoliate away the days’s dirt and dead skin while ​preparing your feet for deeper treatment and feels absolutely glorious. Adds just a few minutes to your shower time. Lasts 12+ months.

Sole Soap

Created to use with your Shower ​Scrubber Mat. Works wonders ​infusing your feet with natural ​healing ingredients. With its ​antibacterial and antifungal ​properties, the Sole Soap not only ​cleans and moisturizes, but also ​helps prevent infection, foot odor, ​toenail fungus and other foot ​problems – especially when used ​daily. Experience a new level of ​exfoliation and clean toe-curling ​action that will leave your feet in a ​state of bliss. 99+ Applications.

Cleans, soothes, and protects your feet without drying them out.

2 File &

Foot File

The flatter side covers more area as you ​file, turn it on its edge, and it becomes a ​precision tool for targeting those cracks ​on your heels. The handle allows you to ​leverage the strength of your entire ​hand and maintain a comfortable grip, ​offering a more effective and less ​strenuous filing experience.

Grit that smooth and strengthen
calloused skin - not obliterate it.

3 Nourish &

Meticulously crafted
to revive your heels.

Heel Polish

This 100% organic cocktail that doesn’t just ​moisturize; it seals in smoothness and protects. Our ​SandBar Salve is like a luxurious feast for your heels, ​packed with natural ingredients and absolutely no ​cheap fillers. Every component benefits your heels, ​and it smells amazing. This is where the magic ​happens – your heels get the hydration they ​desperately crave.


The massager ensures even coverage and deeper penetration, with hundreds invigorating gentle bristles massaging ​that nourishing HEEL POLISH deep into every crack and crevice of your heels, providing a final touch that leaves ​your heels not only treated but truly transformed. Massager/applicator keeps your hands clean and stores inside ​the polish tin so there's no mess.

Transform Your Hooves


Our Natural Organic Ingredients

Our products are meticulously crafted to revive and rejuvenate your heels. Lavender and tea tree oil join forces, harnessing their powerful anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritation and ward off infections, particularly where your heels tend to crack. Arrowroot extract aids ​in the penetration of the Heel Polish so it absorbs into the thick protective skin on your heels. Meanwhile, moringa and calendula oil, packed ​with antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, fortify your skin's natural barrier, shielding it from free radicals and reinforcing its protective ​abilities. Shea butter and beeswax unite to create a robust shield, locking in moisture and fortifying against further damage. Amplified by ​the rejuvenating prowess of vitamin E, this dynamic blend not only accelerates the healing of cracks and dryness but also maintains the ​health and smoothness of your heels.

This is about more than avoiding snagged stockings or making sure your loved ones don't need a tetanus ​shot after a night in the sheets.

Why Your Heels Crack

Cracking in the heels occurs when the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of skin, becomes excessively thickened. This thickening impedes the flow of ​blood to the underlying layers of the skin, such as the stratum basale and spinosum, which play a crucial role in cell renewal and repair. Without an ​adequate blood supply, these deeper layers become deprived of essential oxygen and nutrients, resulting in tissue damage and compromised skin ​structure.

The absence of oil glands on the soles of your feet contributes to the increased susceptibility of your heels to dryness and dehydration. Dry skin lacks the ​flexibility necessary to withstand constant pressure, leading to a higher likelihood of cracking, particularly in weight-bearing areas. Given that each foot ​bears approximately one-fourth of your body's total weight during standing and walking, the heels endure significant stress throughout the day, and the ​dry skin on your heels tends to expand as the day progresses, exacerbating the condition and further compromising the skin's integrity. Your feet endure ​this stress every day, all day.

How to permanently fix your cracked heels

To permanently fix cracked heels, start by thoroughly washing and scrubbing your feet to remove dirt and dead skin. This stimulates blood circulation, ​promoting healthier skin. Next, gently file down the excess skin build-up on your heels. This helps maintain the protective layer of calloused skin, ​preventing it from becoming too thick and prone to cracking. Remember, we don't want to eliminate this layer completely as it serves as a natural barrier. ​Then, moisturize your heels with nourishing ingredients to lock in moisture and prevent further dryness. Finally, make it a daily ritual. If you've used your ​feet that day, they've earned it. Consistency is key to achieving lasting results and keeping your heels smooth and healthy.

After struggling with cracked, painful heels for years, this woman's progress speaks volumes. With consistent use of our kit, ​those gnarly cracks are finally on the mend, and her heels are on the path to recovery. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to ​healthy, beautiful heels with our HEEL REVIVAL REGIMEN kit.

How To Get Baby Soft Heels

Forget about baby soft heels – what you really want are smooth, calloused heels. That delicate, baby soft skin? ​It might feel nice to touch, but it's not cut out for the heavy lifting your heels endure every day.

The thick, calloused skin on your heels and feet serves a vital purpose – it acts as a natural barrier, protecting ​against friction, pressure, and potential injuries. Unlike soft, delicate skin, this protective layer is designed to ​withstand everyday wear and tear, ensuring your feet remain resilient and capable of supporting your body ​weight.

Ensuring your calloused heels stay smooth isn't just about appearances – it's about supporting your body's ​natural defense system and keeping your feet feeling their best. By giving your calluses the attention they ​deserve, you're not only maintaining their strength and resilience but also fostering a healthy relationship with ​your feet.