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Heel Revival Regimen

Be done with your dry cracked crusty heels with our simple yet revolutionary steps and embrace a lasting change that redfines how you feel about your feet.

Includes: (In order of suggested use)

  • Shower Foot Scrubber Mat (10" diameter)
  • Sole Soap 2oz.
  • 8" SandBar Foot File + Case
  • Heel Polish 2oz + Massager/Applicator
  • Cosmetic Bag


Foot Scrubber Mat:

Sticks to your shower floor, thoroughly scrubs every crevice without even bending over. Silicone bristles massage and exfoliate away the day's dirt and dead skin while preparing your feet for deeper treatment. Adds just a few minutes to your shower time. Lasts 6-12+ months.

Sole Soap (2oz):

Created to use with your Shower Scrubber Mat. Works wonders infusing your feet with natural healing ingredients. Experience a new level of exfoliation and clean toe-curling action that will leave your feet in a state of bliss. 40+ Applications.

8” Aluminum SandBar Foot File:

We've kept the handle cylindrical for a natural grip to leverage the strength of your entire hand and maintain a comfortable grip, offering a more effective and less strenuous filing experience. The grit smoothes and strengthens that vital protective skin instead of obliterating it. Only takes 30-60 seconds per heel. Lasts 6-12+ months.

Heel Polish (2oz):

100% organic cocktail that doesn’t just moisturize; it seals in smoothness and protects. The massager ensures even coverage and deeper penetration, providing a final touch that leaves your heels not only treated but truly transformed. Takes 30-60 seconds per foot. 100+ Applications.

Crafted to the highest standard to integrate seamlessly into your daily routine to keep your feet looking and feeling better than ever.