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February 06, 2020

If you’re like me, you’ve tried every potential solution to cracked, dry heels under the sun. Because you like the sun, and you like your heels and you hate that your heels in sunny sandal weather look nasty. Shall we make a list of said solutions? Pumice stone. Spinning files. Flat files. Cheese graters (don’t act like you haven’t thought about it.) Long foot soaks. Miracle moisturizers (so they say.) Weekly pedicures.

To one extent or another, they’ve worked. Kind of. Which is why you keep looking for a new, better, improved solution. But there’s always a problem.

Pumice stones have to be in the shower or bath after a decent soaking. I don’t want to hop in the shower before every beach outing. Or maybe I should just bring the pumice stone to the beach with me and use it after I’ve walked through the waves a few times. No thanks.

The spinning files looked cool. Maybe an investment upfront, but it must be worth the cost because they’re so high tech and flashy. News flash: they’re not. The investment upfront becomes a long term investment for the use of the product. Replaced the batteries. And the file. I was actually shocked at how often I needed a new file. Hmmmmm.

Flat files. Appealing because they’re cheap and easy to grab at the grocery store. That should’ve been my first clue to just walk away. Two problems: 1. My thumb wore out from the amount of torque I had to use to keep the plastic frame from breaking. (No, my heels aren’t THAT bad.) 2. I’m using a flat-file on a rounded heel. Think: square peg, round hole. They’re just not compatible.

Moisturizing the crap out of my heels. Well… let’s just say that I haven’t found a lotion yet that can reanimate the dead skin cells on my calloused feet. Please message me if you have. But honestly, until the dead skin cells on top have been removed, there’s no point in rubbing anything on.

Weekly pedicures. Not enough money, not enough time. Though I do still love a girl weekend spa day.

SandBar is the best, long-lasting solution for callus care. For calloused hands or calloused feet. Here’s why...

  1. You can use it in the shower. Or not. You choose!
  2. No batteries needed. Replace it once a year or less and you’re set.
  3. A rounded file works with the natural contours of your hands and feet.
  4. Made from strong aluminum, with space for your whole hand to grip, gives you the torque you need. No thumb pressing required.