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Love your feet again.

Make them fetish-worthy with just a few minutes a day
- for real.

*Untouched, non-edited photos

Day 1

Day 4

10 minutes of effort spread over four days...
and you'll quit having sex with your socks on.

Your feet, those sturdy stallions that haul your fabulous ass around all day, everyday - they deserve more love

Your heel skin, blessed with natural thickness, churns out protective keratin. This fortifying layer is essential, but when neglected, it builds up and gets nasty.

Handle makes it easy
to apply pressure

Made of Aluminum
so it won't break

Skin-Specific Grit
smooths your heels

Rounded edge targets
where your heels tend to split

The difference ONE MINUTE can make

The soles of your feet lack oil glands.
They depend solely on you for hydration,
making regular care essential.


Always Included

SandBar Salve, a cocktail of nine natural healing ingredients that drench your heels in the hydration they crave.

It not only helps your heels, but also leaves them pretty and smelling divine.

image of SandBar Black Foot Scrubber


With hundreds of gentle yet invigorating fingers, it massages and pushes our nourishing salve deep into every crack and crevice of your heels.

Prepare for a
glorious sensation...

As the silicone fingers work their magic, stimulating circulation and providing a soothing massage. The best part? No messy hands or residue under your nails. The massager ensures a clean and mess-free foot care routine, so you can fully enjoy the blissful experience

No, it's not a magic wand that'll fix your cracked heels overnight. Instead, it's a promise of restoration. With a few minutes of consistent effort daily...you'll be on your way to feet that aren't just functional, but they are "foot fetish" worthy.

Transform your hooves
to hallelujahs.

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