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Got Annoying Calluses On Your Hands?

Spending just a little time caring for your calluses will help keep those calluses from becoming a problem or turning into a painful tear. 


Why do we get calluses? 

Simple explanation…

Calluses are caused by consistent, repetitive friction on your skin, specifically on your  hands and feet. Dead skin cells build up and harden over new skin cells to protect the skin underneath the callus.  

In-depth explanation…

The normal defensive response of the skin to repetitive friction or pressure over an extended period of time is the production of calluses. The keratin layer of the epidermis thickens to form a callus, which is nature's way of shielding the sensitive structures under the skin from damage from the outside elements. The underlying blood vessels enlarge when the skin is excessively irritated from the outside. This in turn provides the skin's layers that produce keratin with more oxygen and other nutrients. These additional nutrients lead to an overabundance of epithelial cells in the affected area. The horny layer of the skin thickens as a result of these cells being forced upward. (The epidermis' outermost layer, the stratum corneum, is composed of 10 to 30 incredibly thin layers of deadkeratinocytes that are constantly shedding. Due to the stratum corneum's cells' horn-like toughening, it is also referred to as the horny layer.) This is the tyloma or callus. This layer of dead cells thickens when your skin experiences very high levels of friction. Old dead cells peel off more quickly than new ones can replace them. This can increase the thickness of the outer layer from twenty-five cells to more than one hundred cells. The issue is that your callus has gotten bigger, but SandBar has your solution.


The SandBar is a file made for calluses, not to eliminate them (because we need them)…but to tame them. Think of SandBar as an industrial strength toothbrush for your calluses.

How It Works

TheSandBar is an aluminum callus file with a sanding element designed specifically for skin. You grip the SandBar just like you would naturally grab a barbell, pull-up bar, or even a shovel. While gripping the SandBar, turn it towards your fingernails with your other hand, which reverses the pressure/friction that created your calluses. As you continue to turn the SandBar, it identifies your personal pressure points from your natural grip where excess callus has built. The SandBar quickly (and painlessly) files it down. If this is done on a consistent basis, it only takes seconds and calluses never build up to the point that they are detrimental or annoying, but they are completely functional and actually touchable. Nobody will cringe when they go to shake your hand, and you’ll probably get better results in the bedroom as well.  

Everyone loves their SandBar!

All SandBar products come withSandBar Salve to help your calluses recover from whatever torture you put them through. It contains calendula and moringa oils which have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that naturally sooth and rapidly heal battered, calloused skin. Applying SandBar salve after filing calluses keeps them nourished and pliable, without making them soft. Plus it smells amazing. It is possible to have strong, healthy, touchable, calloused hands!

Now what?

Rugged, calloused hands ought to be flaunted with pride. Whether the calluses are the result of strenuous physical labor, weightlifting, or any other obsession you have. Hard work is something to be proud of. Calluses are an indicator of someone who is highly motivated and most likely a bit rebellious. No matter how you acquired those calluses, if neglected, they are prone to splitting and cracking, which can result in major discomfort as well as bleeding or even infection from deep cracks. Addressing your calluses daily as they build prevents calluses from ever getting to this stage. People think they either have to shave their calluses completely off, or just deal with thick nasty calluses. Simply not true. SandBar was invented to solve this exact problem and break the cycle of calluses building too thick and becoming a hindrance. Waiting for calluses to build thick enough to actually shave them off just doesn’t make sense. You can cut them too deep, and your hands are tender after you expose the new skin under those overgrown calluses. Some people soak their hands to soften their calluses, this is just a bandaid that doesn’t fix the real problem and can lead to blistering. Not to mention all the time that this takes. If you  choose to just neglect your calluses, they can tear off, which is pretty painful and sets you back from progressing. All of that can be prevented by making your hand's health a priority. You obviously care about the health of your body inside and out. You work hard (the proof is your calloused hands) so you know that quality time and tools make the most of your efforts. We got you!